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The Seahorse Yacht Charters Fleet is a hand-picked and extensive collection sporting of only the finest, most trustworthy BVI charter yachts, such as LagoonJeanneau, or Bavaria. These are brands and manufacturers that have come to prove themselves time and time again to be reliable and robust sea goers, capable of supplying relaxation, luxury, and adventure as you demand it. We believe the Yacht is one of the most central aspects of any charter experience, acting as a base of action, a source of fun and importantly, your home for the trip. We can help you find not only a great yacht but one that suits you and your needs specifically.

Check out the Seahorse Yacht Charters Fleet of BVI charter yachts today and see what we currently have available. No matter you’re after a power yacht, monohull, catamaran or something more specific, you’ll be sure to find something fitting in our line up. There’s something for everyone here at Seahorse, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never sent a day off land or if you’re a grizzled sailing veteran, we can help find the yacht that’s right for you. Our yachts are also perfect for couples or families, offering a prime opportunity to craft memorable and meaningful experiences you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding any BVI charter yachts that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact Seahorse Yacht Charters directly, and we’ll be happy to help you out with any possible inquiries you may have. Our team is made up of experienced sailors and charter veterans, with Liz & her husband having spent over 30 years sailing and adventuring in the BVI. Seahorse Yacht Charter members have spent lives crafting stunning sailing memories and now want to bring those joys to you too. Sailing is an experience everyone should have at least once and it’s never been easier than with the help of Seahorse Yacht Charters.

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CaptainPerry King Australian 0
First OfficerSam Wood Australian 0
Number of Crew: 6Languages:

Crew Profiles:
Name: Perry King
Position: Captain
Nationality: Australian
PERRY HAS CRUISED: Australia – North to South and East to West, and the Great Barrier Reef extensively; the South Pacific – including Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea; the Indian Ocean.
A man of many skills and backgrounds: growing up in Sydney, Australia, Perry’s attraction to the superyacht industry after experience in the navy stemmed from a desire to serve discerning Owners and Charterers in different parts of the world. He joined MASTEKA 2 in 2019, in Sydney where he lives with his wife.

Perry entered the Royal Australian Navy as a young man, and transitioned into a variety of roles thereafter (from sales to bank clerk, pathology courier to radio announcer). He dived into the nautical world via a curiosity for fishing, and has worked his way up the ladder since 1990. He has managed remote tug operations in the Pacific, responsible for projects and ensuring legislation compliance (SMS, IMO and Marpol, ISM, WHS, ISPS,…). Perry dropped into the yachting industry as a Master on various vessels operating between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. His most recent experience was as Captain for a private Australia family, managing their 46m superyacht among their fleet of 4 based in Sydney.

When not on duty, Perry plays golf and loves surfing: he was recently in West Timor catching the waves off Rote Island! One of his favourite parts of the world is Kastellorizo’s blue grotto in Greece, and he was also fond of cruising Turkey.

Name: Sam Wood
Position: First Officer
Nationality: Australian
SAM HAS CRUISED: East Coast Australia, New Caledonia

Sam hails from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has been a crew member of Masteka 2 since early 2019. Superyachting allows him to apply his maritime knowledge and experience while travelling to remote and exotic locations.

His time on the water has been spent predominantly near Sydney Harbour as well as deliveries along Australia's spectacular eastern coastline. On a clear, crisp, winter's morning Sam can be found out past the heads at the helm, observing the annual migration of humpback whales from Antarctica to the Coral Sea. When not on the water he enjoys motorbike riding, cooking, cycling, and reading.

Name: Dimity Graham

Position: Chief Stewardess
Nationality: Australian
DIMITY HAS CRUISED: Most of the world’s oceans!
Dimity grew up in Sydney, moving to Perth in 1998 where she was based during her yachting career. She finally chose to return home to Sydney at the end of 2018, and joins MASTEKA 2 in 2019.

She joined yachting in 2005 after a career in Travel and Hospitality, and it was a natural progression combining her love for the ocean, travel and hospitality skills. Dimity enjoys the diversity of life onboard, seeing the world from a different perspective, meeting people from all walks of life and seeing owners and their guests enjoy unique experiences.

Her first yachting job was onboard the 72m Feadship UTOPIA, chartering in the Mediterranean: she cruised France, Italy including Sardinia, and Spain extensively. Dimity was fortunate enough to then call a 48m luxury sailing yacht, MORNING GLORY, home for 13 years travelling the world with owners, crew and guests. Joining in French Polynesia, they cruised the Pacific for 3 years before crossing the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean via the Galapagos and Panama Canal. The yacht was based in The Americas travelling between California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Caribbean islands and Florida. In 2013, the owners decided to bring their yacht back to Europe and sailed from San Diego via Hawaii, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka around the horn of Africa through the Suez Canal, to Istanbul Turkey and then Italy.

Her beautiful enthusiasm is a joy for guests to be around, although she is also discreet when required.
Dimity enjoys paddle boarding and body surfing, if possible in untouched surroundings. She loves running, hiking, exploring, travelling, and baking.
Unique Fact: she trained in Italian Professional Cooking at Cordon Bleu’s Italian school in Florence!

Name: Shayne Turbin
Position: Chef
Nationality: Australian

SHAYNE HAS CRUISED: The South Pacific, New Caledonia and Fiji; Australia, The Mediterranean

Shayne is a classically trained chef in French cuisine, based in Sydney. Working at numerous high-profile restaurants and catering companies since the late 1980's and managing many kitchens around Sydney, he moved to Europe to expand his skills and his knowledge. Shayne was Head Chef of a number of restaurants in the UK and then moved to the French Alps, working as Head Chef of an exclusive chalet. After returning to Australia, he started working on Superyachts where he has continued for the past 10 or more years.
Shayne has a broad knowledge in French, Italian, Spanish, Modern Australian, and Asian cuisine.

Name: Sammy Tien
Position: Chief Engineer
Nationality: Australian
SAMMY HAS CRUISED: Australia, the South Pacific including New Caledonia, the Mediterranean, Mexico and the Sea of Cortez
Our young and talented engineer, Sammy, was initially passionate about mechanics on four-wheel vehicles (MTU and Detroit training) before he discovered the intricacies on yachts. After a few different experiences in Sydney and on the East Coast of Australia, Sammy decided to expand his horizons and skills and joined a 72ft yacht in the Mediterranean. He then escalated and obtained his first Chief Engineer role on board the 137ft MY TULLY in Mexico in 2017.

He has been involved in shipyard periods, commercial surveys, refits, and consulting projects for class and flag management.

Sammy’s background is Vietnamese. When not hiding in the engine room, he enjoys snowboarding, photography, fishing, and anything around cars and machines / HP Engines. The Gulf of California, Baja California Sur and Mexico are his favourite cruising areas: very remote untouched cruising destination, amazing marine life and most importantly the peace and serenity.
Unique Fact: he appreciates high-quality handmade Japanese knives.

Name: Bastien Preuss
Position: Local Guide / Dive Instructor / Photographer (optional)
Nationality: French

PREVIOUS YACHTS: Diverse visiting superyachts, recently 44m MY HEY JUDE, 52m MY EILEEN
RECENT TRAVELS: Bali, Indonesia. The Solomon Islands. The Chesterfield Reefs, Entrecasteaux Channel, New Caledonia.

Bastien is our preferred PADI Dive Instructor for guests on MASTEKA 2 in New Caledonia.
A doctor in marine biology, his experience in the underwater world of the lagoon is unrivalled.
Bastien has carried out several scientific studies particularly in the Southern part of the lagoon, working primarily around the reproduction zones for different species of fish, and geotagging familiars of larger animals like reef sharks in order to understand their genetic structure.
Studying in Paris, he then went on and relocated to Montreal then New-Zealand to pursue different degrees in biology and at the National Institute for Water and Atmosphere, before setting home in New Caledonia in 2006.
Bastien is also a talented underwater photographer and will capture these incredibly unique moments for you whilst on board MASTEKA 2. Some of his photos can be explored on his professional page.

Some of Bastien’s favourite sites in the South of the lagoon: closest to Noumea, the wreck at Amedee offers a great starting point, before adventuring towards Ilot Mato, and Ieroue. Towards the West, the islets of N’Da, Ua and Kouare have the perfect visibility conditions, as well as the most secret spots for mantarays and turtle populations. He is also fascinated by the Loyalty Islands Group, his daughter's middle name was in fact chosen after Ouvea!

Bastien is available on a daily rate basis, and can be accommodated in the crew quarters.
Equipment can be stored in MASTEKA 2’s garage (short-term only) or on board the 34ft Boston (Southern Lagoon).

As a Dive Instructor he is able to arrange PADI and also specialist certifications for Guests such as "Shark conservation", "Nitrox", or "Underwater photography".

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