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The Seahorse Yacht Charters Fleet is a hand-picked and extensive collection sporting of only the finest, most trustworthy BVI charter yachts, such as LagoonJeanneau, or Bavaria. These are brands and manufacturers that have come to prove themselves time and time again to be reliable and robust sea goers, capable of supplying relaxation, luxury, and adventure as you demand it. We believe the Yacht is one of the most central aspects of any charter experience, acting as a base of action, a source of fun and importantly, your home for the trip. We can help you find not only a great yacht but one that suits you and your needs specifically.

Check out the Seahorse Yacht Charters Fleet of BVI charter yachts today and see what we currently have available. No matter you’re after a power yacht, monohull, catamaran or something more specific, you’ll be sure to find something fitting in our line up. There’s something for everyone here at Seahorse, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never sent a day off land or if you’re a grizzled sailing veteran, we can help find the yacht that’s right for you. Our yachts are also perfect for couples or families, offering a prime opportunity to craft memorable and meaningful experiences you’ll cherish for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding any BVI charter yachts that aren’t answered here, please feel free to contact Seahorse Yacht Charters directly, and we’ll be happy to help you out with any possible inquiries you may have. Our team is made up of experienced sailors and charter veterans, with Liz & her husband having spent over 30 years sailing and adventuring in the BVI. Seahorse Yacht Charter members have spent lives crafting stunning sailing memories and now want to bring those joys to you too. Sailing is an experience everyone should have at least once and it’s never been easier than with the help of Seahorse Yacht Charters.

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They are top notch on all the skills necessary
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Justin D
If you want to go on a sailboat charter, check these guys out. What an awesome week with Andre and Alison. We went as a family with 8 year old twins. They balanced all the varied interests with grace and were awesome with the kids. They are top notch on all the skills necessary for a great BVI cruise: sailing, local knowledge, cooking, bartending, scuba / snorkeling and all with a nice ship shape catamaran. The feline on board was a kind bonus. Go sailing with these guys, you will be glad you did.
It was one of the most memorable trips we’ve done
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Jason H
My wife and I took our three kids with Andre and Allison on the Turquoise Turtle over Christmas for a week and it was one of the most memorable trips we’ve done as a family. Our kids 13, 11, and 9 had a blast. The beds were a lot bigger than I expected and views and being on the water was unbelievable. The stars at night were like I’ve never seen. Customs and check in was handled by the crew other than leaving which had to be done in person. The stops were all different and island hopping was so much fun; the time on board with long sails and playing games with our kids was just what we wanted. Allison is an amazing cook and we were never hungry. We only had one day of rough seas and Andre was able to minimize the swells. The Baths were unique and a lovely beach hike. The snorkeling was great and Andre and Allison both snorkeled with us to point out wildlife; we saw octopus, huge lobsters, rays, and innumerable tropical fish. I would highly recommend an underwater camera. Swimming around the boat and the underwater lights at night and watching fish and sting rays were beautiful. We had delicious meals on land as well; the Lobster Trap on Anegada was a great Christmas dinner. Beautiful beaches driving around Anegada- Andre arranged for a car and drove us himself. Coco Mayo was stunning at sunset and had great beach games. Soggy Dollar Bar and afternoon at the beach after swimming in from the boat will be one of my favorites. Painkillers there almost as good as Captain Andre’s. The lunch next door at Hendo’s had a delicious lobster sandwich with sweet potato fries that hit the spot. Most importantly, Andre and Allison were exceptionally skilled and safe sailors, patient and generous with our children, genuinely happy and kind, and made us feel like we were welcome in their home for the week.
Amazing BVI week
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Brian T
Thank you both so much for our amazing BVI week! You are such a talented, caring and professional couple- always going out of your way to please us and accommodate our various requests. The food was fantastic and beautifully presented. We would do it all again if we could and will always sing your praises!
We had truly fantastic trip
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We had a truly fantastic trip with Alison and Andre! They were wonderful hosts, guides, and company for the trip. The Turquoise Turtle is a beautiful and well-maintained boat. Alison is an amazing cook - every meal was delicious, extremely well planned and presented, and she took into account everything we asked for on our preference form. She even managed to find pumpkin on the islands and made us an unbelievable American Thanksgiving dinner! Andre is a knowledgeable captain and guide to the islands. He had a perfect itinerary based on what we said we wanted to do, yet was able to seamlessly adapt it to changing weather conditions as needed. It was awesome when he proposed a little wakeboarding behind the dingy once it was clear that there would be no wind for kiteboarding that week. It was a blast! We had five memorable guided dives - including the Rhone which was our first wreck dive. Both Andre and Alison were great to dive with.

Most importantly Andre and Alison made us feel extremely welcome on their boat and were great people to spend a week with. We would definitely recommend the trip to others and would like to do it again ourselves.

Bryan T., Massachusetts
Exellent Grenadines
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Andrew McHale
We had an excellent week on board the Turquoise Turtle.Our family sailed from Bequia to Grenada for one week. Andre and Alison were awesome hosts and fun to be around. Their knowledge of the area was excellent, and the food and service throughout the trip was first class.

We strongly recommend this charter - guaranteed to be a great trip!
Amazing adventure aboard the TT.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Paul Gregory
Amazing adventure aboard the TT. Andrea, Alison and Lulu made us feel at home on the boat. Their knowledge of the BVI is outstanding. They lead us on the best snorkeling experiences that we have had in the BVI. They also provided wonderful food and drink during our 2 weeks on board. Do not miss Andre's Painkiller. They are the best in the BVI. Alison's bobotie for dinner is a showstopper. If you want to experience the best BVI has to offer book the boat for 2 weeks.

Paul Gregory
May 28, 2019
Mary Gregory
Andre and Alison's knowledge of the area is AMAZING, and the food.. yummmy!!! We spent 2 weeks aboard the Turquoise Turtle, that made it possible to go to stops that can't be visited in a week. Alison and Andre snorkeled with us and were able to point out the fish we would never had noticed on our own! Fantastic time!
The food on board is delicious
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Corine Arnaud
We just had an amazing time with Andre and Alison aboard Turquoise Turtle ! Both are fantastic hosts, experienced sailors and wonderful people; The food on board is delicious; Alison does magic in the kitchen and is also very flexible catering to various preferences of a family of 5 with 3 teenagers. We did great snorkeling, swimming or just enjoying the sunset with a PainKiller, Andre's specialty cocktail. We visited many highlights of the USV and BVI but with a sense of having built on our trip. Kids also had a great time on the boat, either relaxing with their music, swimming, padel boarding or just taking the time to have time ! Andre and Alison feel you belong to the family; the atmosphere aboard is really relaxed and easy going. We can only recommend the Turquoise Turtle experience. We hope to be back ! Corine, Arnaud

Jun 10, 2019
Andre and Alison were great at accommodating our needs
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
John and Adam Quackenbush

We’ve been spending “spring break” on St. John in the USVI since my son was 15 months old. As he got older, we started looking for new adventures and two years ago, I convinced him to give scuba a try. At thirteen, he is a certified advanced open water diver, and the past few years, we’ve tried to work in as many dives as possible during our annual pilgrimage. Looking at the cost of renting a house, a jeep, booking trips (diving, fishing, excursions to the BVI), and meals, and comparing it to the cost of chartering the Turquoise Turtle, it was almost a wash. So we decided to give a half-board booking a go. We were not disappointed.

John and Adam Quackenbush

Andre and Alison were great at accommodating our needs. They let us change dates when my son had an unbreakable school commitment. They allowed me to bring my nephew when my wife couldn’t come. They planned a scuba vacation that allowed us to dive almost every day, taking us to some of the most beautiful sites in the BVI. They altered course to take us to great places to eat—including a special request from my son to visit the Willy T. They adjusted the menu to allow for me—the vegetarian. The food was excellent and Alison did a great job of adjusting the menu to handle the fact that I was a vegetarian while ensuring that everyone else was happy and ate well. They ensured that we had a great time during “down time.” And, since my son turned 13 during the trip, Alison baked a cake and they arranged for a little celebration for him.

And of course, Lulu, the ship’s cat, went above and beyond to make us feel welcome.

Overall, it was a great trip and we are looking forward to booking our next trip with the Turquoise Turtle.
Andre and Alison are now friends and I hope to do another holiday with them!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sailors Family
We had an amazing trip with Andre and Alison! We spent a week aboard the Turquoise Turtle as a family, the best way to see the BVI’s, and everybody loved it. There were lots of fun outings with amazing snorkeling nearly every day, secluded beaches easiest to get to by boat, beach bars by dinghy, sounds better as the “rubba-duck” in South African speak. There also lots of activities aboard the boat when anchored in coves with kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and floats. And most importantly if you’re going to spend a week aboard a boat, you want your hosts to be friendly and kind. Andre and Alison were always happy and treated us extremely well. My kids really bonded with them as well, Alison was my youngest sons private snorkel guide at times! The food was amazing, even my pickiest child was commenting Alison should be a full time chef. Cocktails and wine always offered or ready upon request. One night we went to Willy T and they even volunteered to supervise the kids watching a movie so we could go be part of the nightlife at Peter Island. They also shared their photography with us at the end of the trip to add to our phenomenal picture collection because there are never enough pictures to capture such an adventure. This was our second trip chartering a boat in the BVIs, and having a couple manage the boat. It is by far the best way to enjoy your Vacation instead of doing it yourself. If you’ve never done it, you won’t feel cramped on this boat. Andre and Alison are now friends and I hope to do another holiday with them!
It was a wonderful adventure and unforgettable experience!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Stuart and Amy Sullins and boys

Our first impression was how graciously we were welcomed by Alison and Andre!! We had spoken on the phone and communicated via email prior to our arrival, and we felt right at home immediately. The yacht was immaculate and bright. They provided us a thorough safety briefing and showed us how to maximize our enjoyment of all of the yacht’s features.

We are all tall (the shortest family member is 5’10” 12-year-old Spencer) and we found we all had plenty of space. The queen-sized beds were raised but easy to climb into. The bathroom was plenty roomy enough for a week’s stay. We spent very little time in our own cabins, preferring the shared spaces on the yacht.

Salon, cockpit, deck space were Very clean. The salon was cozy and the boys enjoyed a couple of movie nights. The deck space in the front of the yacht was my favorite—we loved the beanbags and the trampoline lounging area.

The boat was kept clean during our charter including our cabins, the bathrooms/heads, our towels, bedding, the cockpit and the galley.

Andre and Alison provided toiletries, sunscreen, bug spray, snorkel gear and reusable water bottles; they tried to anticipate our every need!

We absolutely enjoyed “catamaran life” and embraced sailing or motoring each day to various destinations, hanging out on deck once we were moored, and lounging on the back with a “sundowner” prepared by Andre. With three teenaged boys our U.S. life is often hectic and filled with electronics, but our week on the Turquoise Turtle gave us the gift of each other, with every need taken care of by Alison and Andre!

I am going to speak about both Andre as Captain and Alison as co-captain and chef! We chose the TT as we admired Andre’s military background and appreciated Alison’s nursing credentials. We have one son who is accident-prone 🙂 and another son with an autoimmune disease, so it was important to us to have access to health care if we needed it (which we fortunately did not).

Alison and Andre were so open and communicative. We shared several meals all together, family style, and we just enjoyed getting to know them so much. Alison really did her best at keeping three perpetually hungry boys FULL!! Her meals were plentiful and hardy.

The first couple of days were very windy and rough and slowed our initial progress. Andre was so open about how we could “get back on track” with our itinerary and involved us in decision making with when we would depart, where we would go, etc.

Our itinerary was Great! We had planned most of it prior to our arrival and it was perfect! The weather did keep us from a couple of snorkel stops we would have enjoyed, but that was certainly not within anyone’s control.

We are all good eaters and enjoy trying some new foods, and Alison created filling and beautiful breakfasts every day and prepared a special grilled salmon meal and birthday cake for my husband’s birthday. Our lunches and dinners were so good also, and she incorporated some South African specialties into our meals.

We have three teenage boys, and Alison and Andre made sure to plan some “beach days” so they could play soccer, volleyball etc with other kids, Andre took them tubing behind the dinghy, and we had several delicious meals on land.

Would you sail with them again? Absolutely! It was a wonderful adventure and unforgettable experience!

One of my sons, Andy, and I are very allergic to cats. Lulu, Alison and Andre's 17-year-old precious cat, is hypoallergenic. She is bred to not have the undercoat that causes pet dander. She is a lovely laid-back cat who spends the vast majority of the day in their private cabin. Neither Andy nor I had any allergic reaction to Lulu.

Fun on Turquoise Turtle!
We all had such an AMAZING time with Andre and Alison!! Our children absolutely loved the boat, and Alison was amazing with the kids! The food was awesome, the water perfect, snorkeling was the best ... it was an amazing experience, and our whole family had an incredible time! ❤️
Our week on the Turquoise Turtle was truly the best thing we have EVER done!
The Turquoise Turtle is luxurious, comfortable and the owners (Alison and Andre) are the kindest, most accommodating people you will ever meet. The Catamaran is beautiful, spacious and has all the toys you could ever wish for. Alison’s cooking is incredible (we tried to recreate a few of her dishes when we returned home to keep the experience going!). Andre is a very VERY reliable captain. He knows what he’s doing and where he’s going. We felt very comfortable and it was obvious we were in good hands. This is something I hadn’t really considered when booking a charter. When we were out on the boat, it was obvious that some of the captains on other boats had very little experience. That would have made me very nervous. We didn’t have to worry with Captain Andre! There is a cute kitty on board, she keeps to herself and is reclusive.

The locations Alison and Andre suggested were unique and just stunning. We saw amazing sea creatures while snorkeling, Alison is an excellent guide and has a huge lung capacity! You should see her dive down and look under nooks and crannies for cool stuff – she’s a real life mermaid!!! They also took us to some incredible locations on land, I won’t give away ALL of their secret locations but I can tell you… they are definitely in the know!!

Our week on the Turquoise Turtle was truly the best thing we have EVER done, I am so happy we decided to book a charter and even more grateful that we had Alison and Andre as our Crew. I cried for HOURS after we got off the boat – even though we went directly to a stunning villa, I was walking around crying my head off, it was such an incredible experience. Everything was so easy on the TT: would you like a towel, can I get you a snack, would you like a drink… no thinking, just unplugging and RELAXING. One thing to remember when booking a charter, you are on a boat for a number of days, you need to be with nice people, Andre and Alison are the salt of the earth, the kindest, most generous pair, you can’t go wrong with them!
Its been a month that we got off the boat and as I write this I am crying a little bit! I want to go back!!!!!!!!!

Best Experience of My Life!!!
If you are considering sailing with Andre and Alison, stop considering and book it!
Their service is top notch, food was great, cocktails were plentiful and the boat is a beauty. The island hopping and snorkeling were out of this world. We felt very safe everywhere we went because of their experience and professionalism. I hope you spend some time getting to know them because they are amazing people.

I was a little worried about being on a boat for 5 days and Lulu. We had plenty of stops on land and lots of calm water to dock in. They assured me Lulu was a type of cat I didn't need to worry about(I have bad cat allergies) and they were right. Even though you don't see Lulu much I didn't have any problems with my allergies and even petted her quite a bit. Don't worry about anything and just book it. You will NOT regret it! I can't wait to go back.
Amazing Experience! One of our best trips ever! Andre and Alison are the best!!!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Andre and Alison were absolutely incredible! We will recommend them to all of our friends and can't wait to go back for our next trip. No one in our group had ever done an overnight catamaran trip, but everyone agreed the experience was incredible. Andre incorporated everything we wanted to do into the itinerary, but gave us complete flexibility if we wanted to alter it. Alison completely spoiled us and provided wonderful meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
They were just good people and so genuine in wanting us all to have a great experience. By the end of the trip, it felt like we were part of their catamaran family. We enjoyed their company so much that we insisted they join us when we went ashore for a drink or dinner. Andre also provided Painkiller drinks that were just as good as the ones at Soggy Dollar, where the drink was supposedly invented. When we snorkeled, Andre and Alison were extremely knowledgeable of the marine life and would always point out anything unique.
We felt safe the entire trip and had no issues with anyone getting sea sick. We weren't sure if 5 nights would be too long on a boat, but we all agreed we could have easily done 7 or longer. They had bean bags and cushions on the front of the boat which made cruising to the various islands relaxing and comfortable. The beds were also very comfortable. The only issue we had was the rooms got a little warm when sleeping so Andre turned on the AC to fix that issue. You do have to be mentally prepared for tight quarters in the rooms so you do need to pack light.
This was definitely one of the best trips we have ever taken! We were all talking about how much we would like for our kids to experience it - one day. This trip is an absolute must and Andre and Alison are the best!
I had no clue what to expect of the ship or the islands as I had never even set foot on a catamaran and had never visited the BVI. This was the trip of a lifetime! It just could not have been better. The Turquoise Turtle is an amazing boat. It is just the perfect size. We were in love with the bean bags on the front of the ship which are just perfect for relaxing and watching the amazing scenery.

Andre and Alison are the most amazing people and make you feel so safe and at ease. They are also so fun to be around and we loved hanging out with them, having a few pain killers (Andre makes the best!) and playing fun card games. They guided our snorkeling tours as a few of us had not snorkeled before. That was so nice to have someone to show you the perfect places to snorkel and what we could expect to see. They have sailed all over the world and have so much knowledge to share!

Alison is an amazing cook and we loved every single thing she made us. It made the trip even more relaxing that we did not have to worry about meals.

I HIGHLY recommend sailing with Andre and Alison on the Turquoise Turtle. You will NOT be sorry!
Review from 24 year old vegan
WOW - let me tell you, Andre & Alison at Turqouise Turtle know how to give you the trip of a lifetime! My family and I (5 of us total) were lucky enough to spend 8 days with them sailing around the USVI and BVIs. It couldn't have been a more fun or relaxing experience.

Andre & Alison took care of absolutely every detail, while continuing to check in on how we were doing and what we were looking to experience on our trip. From the incredible meals that Allison made each day (I'm vegan and she STILL created the most impeccable menu for me!), to the fun activities that came with the boat (paddle boards, knee boarding, snorkel gear, kayaking), they truly thought of everything.

The boat & cabins are beautiful and impeccably clean & maintained. We never felt cramped with 7 of us on board together! But to top if all off, Andre & Allison know the areas like the back of their own hands. They brought us to all of the well-known sites to see, but even better -- they knew of amazing, secluded locations off the beaten path that we never would have found if we had sailed our own boat. The marine life, beaches, islands, and sunsets that we saw are all things I'll never forget in this lifetime. Do yourself a favor and book a trip with them ASAP -- it's wonderful for the soul.

Thank you both for the most magical trip!
Amazing Bucket List trip!!
Our Family had the most amazing "bucket list" trip with Allison and Andre! No small detail was spared. They took us to the most amazing places in the BVIs, they made us the most delicious and nutritious food (and my daughter is a vegan!), they snorkeled us through the best reefs, kayaked to the whitest sand beaches, led us through the coolest caves at the Baths, taught us hysterical games when the sun went down, and just when you think it can't possibly get any better, they hand you a cocktail!
Their mascot kitty, miss Lulu, will make you feel at home and occasionaly take the wheel;) I was relieved that my 2 kids who are highly allergic to cats had absolutely no reaction- must be some special breeed, so no worries there!
We all felt so spoiled, it really was a treat and we highly recommend this trip with Turqoise Turtle!
We WILL be BACK! xoxo
July 2018
Had an amazing week with our family of five. Andre and Allison have great combination of local knowledge, sailing skill, amazing cooking capabilities and just fun personalities. Allison cooked some 5 Star meals for us - including our occasionally hard-to-please Vegan daughter. Salmon sandwiches, shrimp linguine, BBQd steak, banana pancakes, and lots of healthy salads. And excellent evening cocktails. They appropriately catered to our needs and desires, found amazing anchorages, and took us snorkeling in some very unique reefs. We used all the toys - such as SUPs, kayaks and knee boards. The boat was perfect for us - and very well maintained.

June 2018
From the moment we boarded the Turquoise Turtle we knew we were in for the treat of our lives! Captain Andre and Alison are warm and welcoming hosts and crew. We felt immediately at ease with them and sensed that we were in very capable hands. Our time on The Turquoise Turtle was a dream come true. It’s a beautiful, well appointed boat. We loved all the attention to detail. Color coordinated from bow to stern...turquoise, of course! The berths are private air conditioned suites with their own port holes, hatches and heads and adequate space to store our personal goods. They even come with a sound system in case you need something more than the lapping water to lul you to sleep on the very comfortable queen sized bed. 😉 Up on the bow, we discovered the perfect spot to sun bathe or just take a nap while suspended above the clear waters of the stunningly beautiful Caribbean Sea. The food provided made us feel like we were eating out of a 5-star gourmet galley! From their Signature Drink (A turquoise delight!) and the “Drunken Grapes” (an appetizer which preceeded one of our main courses), to the delicious finale, our dinners were accompanied by an ever-changing Caribbean sunset. The treat was to die for! Sailing, swimming and snorkeling in the amazing warm waters teaming with life (and yes, sea turtles!) was the experience of a life-time. We were given the option to participate in the sailing experience or just lay back and try to take it all in as the sails above billowed in the tropical breezes. All in all, for us, it was paradise found!

Dan and Marguarite

OMG I had the best time ever cruising with Andre and Alison on Turquoise Turtle. Fabulous!! The food was amazing, never better!! Sailing with them was a true pleasure and I will do it again ASAP. Beautiful People!
Warm easy-going hospitality with a South African twist
We have spent a lot of time with Andre and Alison on their former catamaran and to be sure, if you are looking for warm easy-going hospitality with a South African twist (that’s practically a tornado for the rest of the world) then you will find no better than these two and their new beauty the Turquoise Turtle. Come with an appetite for laughter and great food on the BBQ!

Great time!
If you are looking for a great way to visit the Bahamas or other areas of the ocean check out the link below. They (Andre Stroebel and Alison Stroebel) are personal friends of ours and were our tour guide during our trip to the Exumas. Knowing all the hot spots. What a great time we had and a lot of our friends and family saw the pictures we posted. Check it out, contact them, you will have the best time! There is so much to see that a cruise ship to the Bahamas does not afford you to see and they can. Give it a look!

Bucket List
Great people, great catamaran and a definite adventure to add to the bucket list!

-Dimitri Panagiotidis
Up close and personal Experience
If you want an up close and personal experience in the Abacos or Exumas islands which are part of the Bahamas or even the Grenadines further south in the Caribbean you can not do better than hooking up with Andre and Alison Stroebel. Skipper Andre is an experienced pilot and sailor who will navigate you to small cays and towns that you would never otherwise reach. Islands where animals are the only inhabitants and beaches where there are more rays than you can count. Andre has a great sense of humor and loves to use his wit as he "shows you the ropes". You can participate in the sailing as much or as little as you want, in fact the whole experience is designed just for you from the moment you board until you have to drag your self away. Alison is the mate and makes you feel at home from the time she shows you your state room until you leave. She has stocked the ship with preferences from YOUR shopping list, she prepares nutritious meals and snacks along with preferred beverages!
So sit back and relax you can read all day if that is your pleasure, or you can hike a deserted beach, snorkel over a reef, swim with rays, kayak to a deserted island, or paddle board across a pink sunset. The captain and mate also know the best beach bars for rum punch and conch fritters.
This is an adventure vacation designed for you not a cruise designed for thousands you will come home having laughed and loved and with a head full of memories and you will vow to return, Andre, Alison and LouLou!

A THOUSAND star rating!
Personally, the best travel experience that is beyond words! We avoided heavy commercialized areas (at OUR request) and the outcome was surreal. Snorkelling over reefs that are hidden gems, hand feeding sting rays on a secluded island (that we basically had to ourselves to explore) kayaking the channels of a breathtaking mangrove, to name a few. Andre and Alison will overfeed you, lavish you with whatever beverage you request in advance, entertain you and provide the most indulgent of holidays. We loved Andre and Alison's desire to build your PERSONAL adventure! We were never on their schedule-the agenda is your wish list. Wow! We wanted "off the beaten path" and we visited restaurant/bars where everyone called us by name. But the icing on the cake is that we have made friends for life! (If you're lucky, you will meet Dani and John, but only if you're lucky). The trip started with a warm welcome and ended with treasured memories-and a tear (or two). We will be back! A THOUSAND star rating for the only holiday we have been on that was created for us! Andrea Mercer

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